Seratera Consortium Structure

Seratera is a consortium of seven universities, private and youth non governmental organisations. Smart ET implements its strategies through the established business incubators in Bonga, Jimma, Meti, Mezan, Gambella, Hawassa and Bahardar. These business incubators will keep their own legal form and will be legally independent from 

Seratera seven in the financial administration. Seratera consortium chair and head organisation is Jimma University. Seratera  governance combines a strong central organisation that offers strategic guidance and leadership with regional autonomy and entrepreneurship incubation to maximize partner engagement through a matrix organisation structure, which ideally suits Seratera purposes. 

The highest decision body of the Seratera consortium is the steering committee (SC) which comprises the presidents and vice presidents of the universities and the founders and members of the organisation. The SC is chaired by the Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education. It decides on the strategic issues and approves the Seratera Strategic Agenda.  Seratera has a Supervisory Board (SB) formed by one representative per each universities and the partner organisation of the consortium. The Seratera Governance body are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jimma University and the CEO of Ecopia Plc leads Smart ET daily operations and ensures achievement of the goals according to the business plan.



Each university business incubator is managed by an independent CEO and team working closely with Seratera.  
Seratera provide four types of services to each business incubator: 1) supporting in launching each year call (through its capacity building skims), 2) establishing of digital platform, 3) organizing and managing the start up financing, and 4) running the program of mentorship to their respective business incubators. 

Ecopia Plc will be supporting the members in launching their business incubators. If you are interested to be launch. Please fill the request.

Chair Person of the Smart ET Consortium

Meet our Chair Person of Smart ET from Jimma University.

"We are all responsible for, and connected to, the consortium that we have established so we all need to work together to improve the opportunities for our students and youth to become entrepreneurs"​.

The coordinator and manager of Seratera.

Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie

“Social enterprise is our way of taking responsibilities as Africa been the motor of globalisation. By bringing all stakeholders of agriculture and technology players together, we are building a shared vision for the future of Ethiopia and Africa, and a shared agenda to transform it environmental and social as well as make it better” 

President of ElJoJoFe e.V. and program leader of Green Academy Africa


Green Academy Africa, will foster an early awareness of entrepreneurship in schools in Ethiopia. While ElJoJoFe as member of the consortium will help in unlocking international ressources, and aide founders in developing and growing their businesses


International Representative office in Europe/Germany

Ecopia is our representative office for our international and network activities. You can reach our representive office in Jena/Germany by directly contacting them.