Innovation program 

By bringing all agriculture stakholders together we want to build a shared vision for the future of Ethiopian agriculture sector and a shared agenda to transform it and make it better. Our role is to guide and accelerate the innovation process that will transform the Ethiopian agriculture sector from commodity based trade to value addition system.

Launching workshop

We are hosting our strategic discussion and launching workshop 22-25  September 2021 in Jimma University. We will have demonstrations and open discussions with consortium members and stakeholders of the industry. Would you like to join us and discuss your perspectives?

  •  The first two days of our workshop will be dealing about the potential areas of start-ups. 
  •  If you are working in Ethiopian development, intergovernmental and NGO working in youth job creations and empowerments. You might wish to participate. Please send your request. 

Focus of our Startup for 2021-2022

Circular Bioeconomy Multipurpose processing facilities as well as space.

Make Agriculture a mode of life! 

In Ethiopia agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, 70% of the populations in the rural areas are engaged in the traditional agriculture sector. We are looking for youth start-ups that change the communities and their agriculture way of life to mode of life. We are looking for youth who change the informal processing to formal processing facilities with quality and safe products. We are looking for bio-economy in the sector of agriculture.


The Ethiopian agriculture value and supply chain is fragmented. The lack of co-operation between players hinders the search for new solutions and innovations. The youth are disconnected from the markets, from technologies and opportunities. We need a better connected and more transparent ecosystem. We are working towards a fully digital and connected agriculture system. We are looking for startups that are going to use our crowd technology based ecosystem to develop applications for agriculture production and processing. 


Biotechnolgy in services for increasing Biodiversity. 

Startups and innovation dealing with the promotion and protection of the Ethiopian biosphere reserves are one of the key horizontal activities of all the Seratera incubation centres. All the five biosphere reserves are located within the 7 Universities incubation centres.
Biotech initiatives are making a difference for wildlife biodiversity worldwide and Startup fight against shrinking biodiversity, biotechnology would be supported by this program.


Startups in Circular Bioeconomy

Bioeconomy is the creation of new organic and environmental products that allows ethiopian youth to creat jobs and sustainable, inclusive economic growth. Our focus will be in the field of:

  •  Agriculture and food (in all the incubation centres with Ecopia); 
  • Fishes and aquaculture in Mettu, Bahirdar and Gambella university;
  • Forestry in all the biosphare reserves (5 Universities) and
  • Bioenergy including biofuels and bio-heat/ bio-electricity. 




Fashion Incubation

 Seratera Fashion Incubator intention is to create a system for the next generation of Ethiopian designers. The initiative will handpick potential youth with labels to complete a two-year program, offering mentorship opportunities, business advice and subsidized studio space in 7 universities of the consortium. The aim is to use fashion industry as a bridge between the rich Ethiopia history of traditional handwoven textiles which are unique and the country’s fastest growing textile industry.  The potential for fashion start-ups lies that Ethiopia has within the country, the cotton and the silk farmers, spinners, weavers (which we call them “shamane’s”) and we find designers who work with the traditional woven textiles. The global garment industry is worth $3 trillion and the fashion incubation would allow the Ethiopian youth to be part of the wealth. 

Art in services of innovation

Seratera holds the believe that ground brakign innovation can be fund at the intersection between different fields and discplines. This is why we invited the Artist and Art Organisations, to be a key player in supporting our Startups/Founders. The perspectives the artists bring to the table will not only a new angle of approach but be the catalyst that spurss truly disruptive innovation.