Seratera is Ethiopia’s leading universities innovation initiative promoting youth start-ups through their business incubators. 

We are building the digital platform for the youth to transform Ethiopian economy of commodity suppliers to manufacturers of value added products. 

Our digital platform is the infrastructure for a green and sustainable Pan African economy. 



Exciting Development in Ethiopian Education Sector: State Minister of Education Spearheads Entrepreneurship Initiative

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering entrepreneurship among Ethiopian university graduates, the State Minister of Education, Dr. Kora Tushune Godana, has taken a proactive stance. Dr. Godana, formerly at the helm of the Seratera Incubation Centre in Jimma, has embarked on a mission to support aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing their own businesses.  

About Seratera 

Seratera is a Private Public Partnership a consoritum of Seven Universities, Private Sector and Non Government Organisation that facilitate the start-up activities of the universities business incubators. Our Start-up Incubators in each universities are addressing more than 11,000 youth and covering all Ethiopian Biosphere Reserves suppliers. 

Our Motivation

Our name reflects our motivation: Sera coming from Serapeum, a hub of learning. Tera coming from Isoptera, one of the 4 major insect groups known for their building ability. 

Seratera: sciences and innovation in the services of a better and sustanable future. 

Seratera business incubators

In Your Universities sites

Seratera headquarter is in Jimma University, and our business incubators include in the university of Bhardar, Bonga, Hawassa, Metu, Mezian Tepi and Gambella. The business incubator is open to students, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in each region for upgrading their skills and taking full advantage of their creativity.  

With our consortium business Partner

Ecopia (stands for Ecological Products of Ethiopia) based in Ethiopia and Germany is Seretera founder and partner for food, cosmetics and herbal medicinal plant production and marketing. Ecopia business incubator will be hosted within each university, focus will be organic and circular bioeconomy startups.

2024 Start ups Demonstration 

The startup of the Seratera consortium will be hosted in January 2024.

We will be having demonstrations on food, cosmetic, herbal medicinal plants opportunities of startup in each university in Janaury 2024. 

January for 2024 startup

Join our startup program of 2024.  Look to our program of agri food. We are planning to support innovative impactful agrifood entrepreneurs and start-ups to agri businesses in Ethiopia. Digital Start-up program for those dealing digital marketing and platform creation.

Seratera Mission


Our mission is to build an inclusive and innovative community of diverse sector partners including youth, women and graduates, to drive leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship across Ethiopia and beyond. 

Seratera Community

We believe that the business incubation centers at the universities are the platforms to create an environment in which everyone can help one another to put their new ideas, special skills and abilities into new businesses. The business incubation centers are the entrepreneurial side of the universities that redirect new knowledge, technology, and innovations for economic development. 

Seratera is - above all else - a network of ecosystem, and our excellence comes from our business and financial partners. The initiative is made up of a consortium of key industry players, potential agrifood startups, research centers,  and universities from across Ethiopia and beyond. 

Seratera Approach 


We will achieve our mission by:

1. Supporting the prototypes developed in the technology incubation centres becoming start-ups;
2. Through courses/workshops/symposiums and festivals in the universities we will expose the startups team to run a national and international companies. 
3. Developing talents and leaders to transform the Ethiopian todays agriculture based system to innovative to digital based companies and entrepreneurship.
4. Supporting the youth and women graduate startups through our PPP relations to enter the national and international market. 
Engaging the national and international festivals and trade markets where the youth startups present their products and services.

Seratera Parnters

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is an independent corporate foundation whose activities contribute to the mission and social responsibility of BMW Group.

Digital Platform consultant. Support individuals, start-ups  to established small and medium-sized enterprises with digital transformation and the introduction of e-commerce. 

Project manager in digital plaform. They are using TYPO3, an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association.

Toursime in Biospahre reserves and Ecotourism on hotspots. 

Our partners for establishing sciences technology museum in our business incubators. Innovation in start-ups requires the access for the youth to sciences and sciences communicated to the public. 

Seratera Residence startup

A platform for international and African Diaspora technologies and inventors to seed, to grow and to prosper into key player in African growing global economy. 


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