Digital Microfinance Equity

 Initiative & Seratera Venture Capital Partnership. 


 We are building Ethiopia where every graduate steps into the world with boundless confidence, equipped not just with knowledge but with the resources to turn their aspirations into reality. Our vision paints a picture where every Ethiopian graduate is empowered to chart their own course, where opportunities are not just promised, but delivered. Through the collaborative efforts of seven university consortia, we strive to transform this vision into a living reality, providing the seed capital necessary to ignite the flames of innovation and entrepreneurship.

 Now, we invite investors and business angels to join us in realizing this vision. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of Ethiopian graduates and the future of our nation. 


Seratera Digital Microfinance Equity-Based Model

Equity-Based: Unlike traditional microfinance models that rely on debt financing, Seratera's approach involves providing equity investments to entrepreneurs. This means that instead of taking out loans and paying interest, entrepreneurs receive capital in exchange for a share of ownership in their businesses. 

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Knowelage and innovation as collateral. 

 Seratera's equity-based approach assesses entrepreneurs based on the viability of their business plans and market potential, eliminating the requirement for family land or property as collateral.  

Digital Financial Transactions with AI Support

  All financial transactions are conducted digitally through Seratera's platform, leveraging AI for efficient and accurate processing, minimizing errors, and reducing the need for manual paperwork. 

Digital Marketing, Logistics, and Entrepreneurial Linkages

 Seratera employs digital scoring software to objectively evaluate and monitor entrepreneurs' performance, enabling better decision-making and risk management based on key metrics. 

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Digital Scoring Software for Evaluation and Monitoring

  Seratera provides digital marketing services, logistical support, and connects entrepreneurs with relevant networks, leveraging digital platforms to broaden market reach, streamline operations, and foster valuable partnerships. 

 Venture Capital Investment Model: 

 Seratera offers a venture capital investment model, allowing investors to pool their investments to reduce risk exposure. This approach enables portfolio diversification for investors while providing Seratera with additional resources to support a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures. 


 The Seratera Digital Microfinance Equity-Based model integrates digital innovation, risk mitigation strategies, and venture capital principles to empower entrepreneurs, foster financial inclusion, and drive sustainable economic growth. 

Seratera impact fund

Seratera Impact fund will be Investing as seed capital, sartup and accelerators through the  university business incubators. Seratera investor team will support each business incubator in establish their own impact fund and in providing support to very early stage of the youth and we plan to play a critical role in the development of the youth based companies.

Investement focus

The first round investement of Seratera Impact fund will be in the following four sectors:

  • Agriculture bioeconomy
  • Digital Platform for Ethiopian agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Textil and fashion

Meet the Team of Seratera impact fund 

Our Team leader

Mrs Jenny Ecuyer

CEO and founder of companies in Ethiopia.
Networked internationaly and specialised in textil and flower industry.

International Business Angels for Grants 

Mr. Kenneth Kang’ee Waiganjo 

Finance professional and qualified accountant with broad management experience in financial and business processes and strategy including financial forecasting and analysis, capital fund raising.   

Zukie Siyotula 

An expert from the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders.  A former CEO of Thebe Capital responsible looking after a portfolio of strategic investments across various sectors, she holds a CA (SA); ACMA; MBA and Executive Programmes from Harvard, Insead and Oxford. 

Impact fund Workshop


We hosting Seratera impact fund workshop the 22-26 September 2021, in Jimma University. 
We will be discussing on our microfinance for equity impact fund establishment.
 The meeting is for our potential investor’s partners and business angels. 
If you want to participate in our meeting, please fill the registration form below.   


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